who we are

Schritte für soziale Entwicklung e.V (Khotoat for Social Development)

It is a non-profit association that seeks non-profit purposes in proportion to the “tax-free purposes” clause of the tax law in force in the Federal Republic of Germany. The association works under the slogan of altruism and does not seek primarily economic purposes.

purposes of the organization:

  • Encourage youth and seniors.
  • Promote basic and vocational education and training, including student support.
  • Supporting and assisting political, ethnic, or religious persecuted refugees, displaced persons, war victims, war survivors, prisoners of war, civilian victims and disabled persons, and assisting victims of crime and victims of disasters.
  • Promote international attitudes and tolerance in all fields of culture and international understanding.

Objectives are achieved in particular by:

  1. Taking measures to alleviate the suffering of children in war and emergency situations, then create a safe living environment. As well as establishing centers for child care and protection, and centers for general education and vocational training in this in Syria and the neighboring countries.
  2. Encouraging the integration of refugees and migrants into society by culture exchanging about traditions, values ​​and events in both directions, as well as emphasizing positive interaction in society.
  3. Promoting the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between different cultures. Furthermore, rejecting all forms of violence and extremism. Then creating spaces for socially active people to create social networks so they can intensify and improve their work.
  4. Maintaining the Arabic language.
  5. Accompanying and caring for seniors.